Protecting you floors during a Vancouver move is usually an afterthought, brought on by a huge gouge, long scratch or muddy dirty carpet stains on your floor. Moving large heavy items though the house can be a difficult task. Accidentally dropping a heavy item, or having an inexperienced friend slide something heavy across your hardwood can easily cause damage. Heavy amounts of foot traffic constantly going in and out of your home on move day can alone cause hefty damages. These unforeseen damages can cause problems with the final closing of your sale, or loss of damage deposits for the renters. Hiring professional movers can greatly reduce the risk of these damages.

Rainforest Moving and Storage in Vancouver, BC has teams of dedicated moves that are trained to avoid just these issues. Our Vancouver movers are highly efficient and well trained in how to avoid costly floor damage.

Why do I need protection?

If you are planning your own personal move, there are many steps you can take in protecting your floors. But why do you need floor protection? We have composed a short list for both renters and owners as to why you want to protect you floor during your Vancouver move.


  • You may lose your damage deposit.
  • You may have to pay for repairs.
  • You have to live in a home with unsightly damages.


  • Your insurance premiums could go up.
  • You may have to pay to repair damages.
  • The damages may affect the sale price of your home.
  • You have to live with the unsightly damages.


Fear not, there are a wide selection of ways to avoid these headaches. Rainforest moving and Storage is happy to provide you with some solutions to floor protection during your household moving experience.

Don’t drag items

Always lift! Never drag! Even if you are move a sofa two inches left or two inches right, always lift, this will avoid scratches and applies to everything from furniture to boxes.

Use 4-wheel dollies

4-wheel dollies are especially useful for apartment moves. They speed up the process with your movers and lower the chances of scratched floors. 2-wheel dollies can also be helpful with boxes, just avoid taking them inside as the metal lip on the dolly can scratch floors. Also, if the dollies are old and rusty, they may leak water and cause rusty carpet stains.

Use eco-friendly plastic Moving Boxes

Rainforest Moving and Storage rents the raindrop moving box systems. They are eco-friendly plastic moving totes. They stack well, and make the moving process much faster. If you have liquids, and they leak, our sturdy rental boxes won’t drip out and damage carpets and floors.

Carpet Protection

The best way to protect carpets and floor is Ram Board. This can be purchased at your local hardware store. You may also purchase carpet protection tape from the same outfits. These are your best bets for total protection.

Is there felt under those feet?

Another way of protecting hardwood is insuring you have sticky felt protection under the legs of your furniture. This can be purchased anywhere from your local dollar store to the big box hardware store.

Vancouver moving services of Rainforest Moving and Storage are proudly supplying this information to you. We offer the best, highest level of Movers in Vancouver. When moving Vancouver homes, trust Rainforest Moving to get the job done.