OH THE CLUTTER! Getting rid of clutter.

Junk, everywhere you look there’s stuff you never use and never will use. Are you one of these people? Is it time to de-clutter your home? Do you have Vancouver Movers coming to move you soon? Or do you simply need to clear up your living space so you can breathe easy again? Clearing clutter for whatever the reason can greatly increase your quality of life and make your living space more efficient and easier to manage.

But where do I start?

Start by letting go. This can be so difficult for most people in need of de-cluttering. When de-cluttering you have to get yourself in the mental state of being able to let go of items you never use and don’t need.

Starting the de-cluttering can be the hardest thing. Start by picking a room. Get 1 moving box and a garbage bag. Now start placing items that you never use or have been wanting to get rid of into the box, if you can donate or sell it, or into the garbage bag if its garbage. If you fill the moving box, get another and keep going until only essential items are left in the room.

Now have a look at the furniture. Are there more chairs or sofas in the room than you actually need? If so, now’s the time to get rid of it. If you cannot lift the furniture yourself, consider hiring professional movers like Rainforest Moving and Storage Inc. We have teams of Movers in Vancouver and surrounding cities trained to help.

Continue this process throughout your entire home. This isn’t going to happen in a day or overnight. Take your time. Have a garage sale or two. You may actually make money off this de-clutter process.

Why should I even bother to de-clutter?

There are many health benefits to a clean, clutter free living space. Mentally, there is a clear connection between the added energy you have in a clutter free space, with added efficiency in operating at home. It’s proven that living in a cluttered home makes it harder to focus on simple tasks such as reading, writing, cooking or simply just trying to relax. This alone should be reason enough to clear your mind and free the clutter. A cluttered home makes a cluttered mind.

Rainforest Moving and Storage can help you with all aspects of de-cluttering. From friendly advice, to packing and moving services and consultation. We offer the top moving services and movers in Vancouver, BC and surrounding cities.