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Packing Tips

Packing Tips:

  • Give yourself lots of time to pack. (It’s never too early to start Packing.)
  • Seal your boxes with packing tape.
  • Use plenty of inkless packing paper to protect your breakables. (Printed paper can rub off and stain your valuables)
  • Clearly mark FRAGILE on all boxes with breakables.
  • Do not over-pack boxes. Over-packing may cause items to be damaged during transport
  • Delicate Items should be placed at the top of the box.
  • To save space, place smaller items inside larger ones. (i.e. cutlery inside a large pot.)
  • Mark each box with its contents and the room, in your new home, that you would like it taken to.
  • China, stemware, flatware, are best packed vertical in small boxes marked FRAGILE.
  • Toys can be bundled in medium or large boxes.
  • To save time, bed frames should be disassembled prior to moving day. (Rainforest Moving will happily take your beds apart for you if you are unable to do so.)
  • Picture Frames and Mirrors should be packed in flat picture boxes, or wrapped in bubble wrap.
  • All armoires and dresser drawers should be empty for transport.
  • Coats, suits, shirts, ties, etc. can be packed in wardrobe boxes. This eliminates washing and ironing after moving.
  • Window drapes can also be packed in wardobe boxes.
  • Lamp shades should be separated with inkless packing paper and stacked loosely in boxes marked FRAGILE.
  • Lamps should be wrapped in bubble wrap and table lamps packed in boxes, shades removed.
  • Shoes, shoe boxes, and boots should be consolidated into medium or large boxes.
  • Special shipping arrangements can be made for live plants. Inquire with your Rainforest Moving Consultant.
  • Mattresses should be bare, Rainforest Movers will insure your mattresses are protected with high quality, 3mil. mattress bag covers.
  • Leave rugs on the floor, un-tacked, if they have just been cleaned you may leave them rolled for transport.
  • Seal all open boxes of food. Group small spices, condiments, and herb packs in small sealed containers and pack in boxes.
  • Liquids should be in spill proof containers with lids on tight and taped shut. If possible, for added protection, place them in plastic bags before packing or use Rubbermaid tubs as boxes.
  • Long handled tools such as garden tools or mops and brooms should be bundled together with tape or twine.
  • All flat fragile items such as small picture frames, plates, and other flatware should be generously wrapped with packing paper and placed on edge for maximum protection.
  • Valuables or items with exceptional value, such as, jewelry, currency, deeds, stocks, bonds, coin or stamp collections, etc. should not be packed for transport by Rainforest Moving and Storage inc. Valuables such as these should be moved by you or make arrangements for there transport. Check with your homeowners insurance for coverage.

DANGEROUS GOODS. It is illegal for us to transport dangerous goods. These include flammables or explosives such as ammunition, propane tanks, bleach, charcoal, matches, lighter fluid, paint, oily rags, pool chemicals, gasoline, aerosol sprays or anything flammable or explosive. If in doubt call Rainforest Moving Vancouver for more information.

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