6 Questions to ask your landlord before moving in.

Vancouver movers are getting ready to start the very busy spring season ahead. You may have a move coming up where you choose movers in Vancouver to help with this process. Finding a rental home or apartment is not easy these days. The supply is low and demand is up. Finding the perfect rental isn’t easy, but it doesn’t have to be impossible. Asking the right questions before you sign the dreaded “dotted line”, can make the difference between a happy stress-free transition, and a possible nightmare. The folks at Rainforest Moving and Storage Inc. have put together a short list of questions to ask before you sign your lease or rental agreement.

Have there been any problems or issues with the suite?

This is a very fair question to ask and can cover everything from pre-existing problems to noisy neighbors. You may want to ask why the other tenant left, this could lead to answers about any problems with the building or unit. If it’s a rental building, ask other tenants what the building is like, or what the landlord or rental agency is like.

Has the unit ever been used as a marijuana grow operation?

If the answer is yes, be aware. You could be putting yourself or family at risk of home invasion or robbery. Also grow operations produce moisture, causing mold. Serious health issues are linked to mold in the home.

What expenses do my rental fees cover?

Some apartments and homes include a combination of hot water, heat, cable, and electricity. In Vancouver, BC this usually is not the case. Make sure your lease or rental agreement is clear on what is covered by your monthly fees.

Who do I call if something breaks, or the roof leaks, or pipes bust?

If you are a renter, not only in Vancouver, but Province wide, a landlord is responsible for all repairs and maintenance of a residential unit. Some owners have a property management company take care of this for them. Make sure you are clear on who to call if problems arise.

What is expected of me?

This can range from rental due dates to lawn maintenance. Every landlord will have different requirements. Make sure you are aware of all policies set forth in the lease or rental agreement. If they do not work for you, try and have the landlord change them, or find another place.

Are there any restrictions?

This is an important question. Some buildings are adult only. If you are pregnant or planning a family, the home may not be for you. Many landlords don’t allow pets, especially in Vancouver and Richmond. Make sure you are aware of any restriction the landlord has put on your rental.

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