Vancouver moving guide: HOW TO PACK FRAGILE BOXES

Do you have local Vancouver movers coming to move you from your apartment or home soon? Are you packing yourself? Getting all your fragile belongings safely to your new home can be stressful to say the least. From crystal glass, stem-ware, and picture frames, Rainforest moving and storage has some great tips for getting it there undamaged.

First of all, crumple some loose paper at the bottom of the box to be moved. This adds a nice cushion for your breakables. Next, pack the boxes loosely, and leave an air gap at the top before you close the lid. Do not fold lids! Tape your moving boxes with tape, this keeps the box square and sturdy.

Once your moving boxes are packed, mark them. If they are fragile, mark them as fragile. Also mark what room you would like them left, in the new house. Your local movers can then efficiently place them all in the right rooms. Try grouping all the fragile items together in the house, this way your movers in Vancouver can strategically pack them in the truck for extra safety.

One way our packer test boxes, is to give them a shake after you have packet it. If you hear any clanging inside, then you must open the box up and put more packing paper inside. Even though moving trucks have good suspension, roads are bumpy, a poorly packed box can still have items broken inside, even with the most careful of movers.

Bubble wrap is also good to have around during your household packing. Use it for heavier breakables, like large heavy crystal, or small stone sculptures. You may also want to but these heavier breakable items in plastic totes. Cardboard may not hold the weight well.

Consider hiring professional packers. Rainforest Moving and Storage has highly skilled teams of packers. Items packed by movers are insured, and offer you the best protection for moving in Vancouver.

Contact us online or at 604-833-8174. Rainforest Moving is always available to answer any questions regarding your packing and moving needs.