Finding good Vancouver Movers can be almost as hard as moving the furniture yourself. Movers in Vancouver have a huge range in price, skill, and ability. Don’t just hire anyone to move your valued items. Every home and client have different needs and expectations in what they want when hiring their movers. Here are some easy hints and tips to finding the best Vancouver Movers for your move.

Reviews Reviews Reviews!

Reviews are a great way of peaking into a company’s reputation. Read reviews! This is a great way to weed out the horror show, fly by night moving companies. Sites like yelp, homestars, and google reviews are a great source for moving company reviews.

Don’t you know I’m Local?

Hire local movers! Yes, that’s right, hiring a local moving company insures that you are getting a mover that understands your area and any complications that may be overlooked by an out of area mover. Certain buildings and cities have their own rules and by-laws regarding parking and procedures. Hiring local gives you a better chance of a smooth fast move. Also, they will be in the same time zone, so when you call, they will answer!

You want what for a deposit?!

Although many companies do require a deposit, it should only be around $200. Don’t pay more than that! Scammers are everywhere. Reputable movers in Vancouver won’t take hefty deposits, and make sure there’s a money back guarantee if you cancel outside 30 days.

Estimates! Get your FREE estimates here!

Whaaaaaaat!, free estimates? Yes, estimates should always be free with no obligations. If you’re moving a home over 1200 square feet, an in-home estimate should always be done. If your Vancouver movers won’t come and do an in-home estimate, do NOT hire them. They are not professionals, stay away! A good company will supply you with a moving consultant to estimate and help you through the move. You don’t want to be dealing with three or four different people. To make things easy Rainforest Moving and storage gives you one moving consultant to see you through the entire moving process, and he is always available seven days a week.

Rainforest Moving and Storage has professional Vancouver Movers, Surrey Movers, Richmond Movers, and all tri-city and Lower Mainland movers. We are your premiere moving company. Call a consultant today and get your free, no obligation estimate.